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About this Podcast

Jesus & Jill Just For Today has been a collaboration between several people who believed in me and in this idea when I had a difficult time believing in myself. 

Mitch, Jocelyne & Talysa. They believed and continue to believe that people would enjoy my perspective on living life and perseverance and recovery. I've begun to believe it too. 

Celebrate Recovery and Open Share in particular is an incredible avenue toward healing. And I think the world needs to learn more about it.  The world needs it but unfortunately most of us are too scared to share. And we are only as sick as the secrets we keep.  You don't have to keep them another day!  I certainly don't plan to. 

Join us as we journey through life and recovery together. Because I truly believe "it works if you work it, it won't if you don't, so keep coming back". 



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